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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  March 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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and new clues about how to prevent peanut allergies, in children, and that is next. it happened tonight, in a frankford section of philadelphia. at least one man opened fire on a unmarked police car. the vehicle took a bullet right in the grill. tonight, two men are in police custody.
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it is friday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is breaking news, from the 5300 block of hedge street, philadelphia police officers escaped injury despite being shot at. "action news" reporter jeff chirico is live at the scene, jeff, tell us what happened there. >> reporter: jim, it was a close call, shooting happened just behind me, despite being shot at, the officer driving the reek will facing us didn't fire back and yet in the end, two suspects were a arrested, two others on the loose. chopper six over 5300 block of hedge street as officers investigate a shooting at an unmark philadelphia police car. it happened around 7:00 as officers already in the area conducting a narcotics investigation heard shots fired nearby and drove to check it the out. >> one officer who was operating a solo car south on 5300 hedge, then saw several males, three to four, with guns, who pointed guns directly at the police car and fired several shots at the
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police vehicle. >> reporter: of the five bullets fired one hit the bumper piercing the radiator. officers chased after the men on foot quickly nabbing two including the suspect gunman. >> extremely brazen for one individual, possibly more than one individual, to fire multiple shots at a car. >> reporter: police combed the area for one or two other men and the gun. chief inspector scott mall points out no one was hurt, in part, because the officer whose car was fired upon kept calm. >> the officer showed a lot of restraint this time by not firing their weapon. officer used his head, took his time and made two arrests without using deadly force. >> reporter: initial gunfire that drew the police attention, happened just yards from here, investigators found ten spent shell casings from a large caliber handgun. that is 15 shots, fired here tonight, and no one was hurt. we are live from frankford, jeff chirico for channel six "action news", jim.
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>> thanks, jeff. wilmington police are on the hunt for a kill shore gunned down a man an hour and a half ago. the deadly shooting happened on the 1200 block of west seventh street, and the victim was shot multiple times in the chest. he has in the been identified, nor has a motive. "action news" was on the scene in center city philadelphia this evening. the as a suspected bank robber was caught red-handed, literally. police say he held up republic blank near 16th and walnut at 5:15, officers spotted him running away and chased after him, catching him around the block on walnut street. they say he was stained with red spots, from the exploding dye pack. traffic tragedy in south philadelphia tonight. a man who suffered a seizure behind the wheel lost control of his car, and then hit two parked cars and a three two-year old pedestrian. she is now in very critical condition, at jefferson hospital. this all happened at eighth and wharton. the driver is okay. a hazing scandal has rock the conestoga high school
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community and the entire tredyffrin easttown school district. tonight, three students, stand accused of criminal charges and the football coach has been fired. "action news" reporter dann cuellar has more. >> reporter: authorities say it was a recipe for disaster leaving locker room unsupervised on thursdays, created an atmosphere where kid did what they wanted and authorities say that they did. creating an ugly hazing tradition known as no gay thursdays. >> thinks a simple case about ignorance, violence, and a shocking lack of supervision. >> reporter: chester county authorities painting a shocking picture of a hazing culture. a culture that was created by members of the the high school varsity football team three or four years ago. premise was on thursday when the locker room was unsupervised anything that these kid considered normally gay was in the the gay. >> you would have an older kid, come behind a younger kid, and then put his genitals on ton of the other kid head. now that was okay on thursday.
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>> reporter: but authorities say october 15 of last year things reached darker, violent level. that is when they say three, 17 year-old members of the team held down a 14 year-old freshman and violated him with the broom handle. >> kid reported that the victim was yelling, and screaming. but he did not have a friend in that locker room on that afternoon. >> reporter: authorities say the atmosphere was so bad that some players refused to go anywhere near the locker room on thursday. some even quit the team. yes, the coaching staff said they were una aware. >> lack of the supervision here was all of this happened under the noses of the coaching staff because they were not there to supervise. >> reporter: but like initial disbelief one claims to when getting terrible news it was hard for some students to accept that any of this could have happened, particularly among those who know 39 players charged. >> i don't know what went on in the locker room but these
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are some of my best friend. they love each other. i can't imagine them doing things like that to each other. >> reporter: even a member of the team who rarely admits, he was in the the there on the day of the assault was in disbelief and worries about the team's legacy. >> that the digses of the team are obliterated. anything that anybody wanted to say about conestoga football who has a great team is blown away by this. >> reporter: three students have been charged with assault, conspiracy and related offenses. meanwhile the superintendent richard gutthick says the head coach john logan has been suspended pending outcome of the investigation. at conestoga high in berwyn, i'm dann cuellar for channel six "action news". the upper darby school district is apologizing tonight after a controversial classroom photograph, involving the kkk was shared on social median last year a student, in an upper darby high school history class were assigned a project, to illustrate the historical impact of the 1920's.
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one skit was intended to highly atrocities of the ku klux klan. last moth an old photo of students wearing white hoods started circulating on line, offending many people. today superintendent doctor richard dunlap responded. he said that the project was in poor judgment and a inappropriate activity. he went on to say that the district has been completing diversity training and will attempt to use this as a teachable moment. law men continue to search for the killer in last night's murder at fifth and washington in south philadelphia. it happened at lee's cafe and bistro. a cook identified as 50 year-old thoung nguyen was found with the throat scratched. police are trying to track down this man noel, 25 and , 30 and drives a white suv. the double homicide of o.j. simpson's ex-wife nicole brown simpson and her friend, ron goldman, began which was dubbed a trial of the century where o.j. simpson was found
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not guilty. now, decade later, interest over the discovery of a knife, potential new evidence, a abc's lauren lister reports from outside the lapd. >> not guilty of the crime of murder. >> reporter: the o.j. simpson trial was settled decades ago but today a new twist. >> regarding a alleged knife that may have been recovered, in possible connection to the simpson case. >> reporter: los angeles police department said the knife was allegedly found by a construction worker on o.j. simpson's property in the late 1990's. the estate was demolished in 98. >> this individual wanted to turn it over to law enforcement. >> reporter: lapd say this knife is being carefully scanned for possible dna evidence which could take weeks, and lapd officer, new retired was allegedly given the knife by the construction worker and held on to it for 18 years. >> has been acquitted. >> reporter: o.j. simpson was acquitted in the 1994 stabbing death of the nicole brown
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simpson and her friend ron goldman. simpson continues to claim his innocence. >> wow, wow, slow down here. >> reporter: many tv viewers, reliving the whole trial in a new fx mini series. people verse o.j. simpson. now, ron goldman's father talking to the daily news about this knife. i hope they tested and it turns out to be the weapon. it would be one more nail in simpson's coffin. as for what the new discovery could mean. >> double jeopardy he was tried once, acquitted. you can never try o.j. simpson again. >> reporter: police say they are vetting this story. law enforcement sources say over the years investigators have looked at 150 knives none of them found to be the weapon. lauren lister, abc news, los angeles. bipartisan group of local congressman is concerned about the safety of drinking water near military bases in willow grove and warminster. they are asking the navy to look into it. democrat brendon boil and republicans pat meehan and mike fitzpatrick believe that
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foam used in fire fighting might be the source of potentially cancer causing chemicals found in dozens of nearby wells. the congressman say similar gun water contamination is being investigated at horsham air guard station, which is still in operation. time for a first look at the weekend forecast, from accu weather. this morning's flakes, remind us all that the snowbird are not quite ready to fly back north for the spring, although these poor geese didn't apparently get the memo. we're in for another dusting over the weekend but will have you cleaning off your car windshield. meteorologist cecily tynan is tracking this latest system showing up in the midwest on double scan radar. what is the story. >> if you are sick of winter, this will not be a winter storm, double scan live, is showing is what known as an alberta clipper moving through midwest bringing snow to chicago. it originate over alberta a, can inadequacies, fast moving, typically does not have a a
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lot of moisture and this will be moving through very early on sunday morning. future tracker is showing as we head toward sunday morning you can see how quickly it moved through around 8:00 o'clock, picking up some snow showers, mixing with rain, south east of philadelphia and then quickly departs. so we are talking about a seasonal weekend. temperatures, generally in the mid to upper 40's. again, sunday morning this is when we got a shot of those snow and rain showers, not going to be a big deal, possible coating, in spots, again, the grassy surfaces, but if you want a taste of spring, look at these highs, building, 70's across area to the southwest, that is moving out our way next week. we will talk about record warmth in the accu weather seven day forecast, jim. just at the right time the philadelphia flower show is opening this weekend. it kicked off tonight with a black tie affair at the convention center. doors will open to the public tomorrow. this years theme is explore
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america, 100 years of the national park service. the show runs through next sunday, which is march 13th. "action news" is giving you an exclusive behind the scenes look at the this years flower show, our one hour special, airs tomorrow night at 7:00 o'clock and then gannon sunday at midnight. two time oscar winning actor robert deniero was in glen mills today. he was there for the grand opening of the brand new fine wine and good spirits store. dozens of people pack in the store at brandywine mills shopping center, and deniero is taking part, in the ribbon cutting ceremony and he was there to promote the vodka line that he co created called vodka 6100. still to come on "action news" tonight, new numbers on the job front nationally and in pennsylvania, also a rally, we will have new video of the
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trump supporters turn on protesters at a campaign appearance late tonight. plus peanuts for babies used to be a no, no but coming up on health check tonight we will explain how researchers say it could help prevent childhood allergies. ducis rodgers with the eagles, making moves now that they have signed sam bradford and, of course, meteorologist cecily tynan is back with the full seven day forecast, accu weather forecast, that and more when "action news" continues tonight. find fantasy shows.
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trump rally in new orleans was scene of protests tonight, more than two dozen protesters, repeatedly interrupted the event. a number of protesters were from the black lives matter movement. some confrontation was trump supporters turned violent. trum was heard to say stupid people, stupid. trum top day reversed himself saying he would the not order the killing of the family's of terrorist. john kasich, marco rubio and
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ted cruz were all campaigning ahead of this weekend's primary. cruz addressed cpac conservative political action conference, trump canceled his a appearance there today. ben carson did appear before the group, and made official what he first revealed on facebook after super tuesday. he has suspended his campaign. did he not make an endorsement today. on the democratic side, hillary clinton was in detroit and said there was so many insults at last night's republican debate it was hard to keep track. speaking at detroit manufacturing systems she said that all presidential candidates need to offer a credible strategy for raising wages. in illinois bernie sanders had a packed arena at somebody illinois university where he talk about free college education and decriminalization of marijuana more than 100 delegates are up for grabs this weekend in primaries and caucuses. tomorrow republicans vote the in kansas, kentucky, louisiana and maine.
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democrats vet in kansas, louisiana and nebraska. and then, maine, on sunday. voters in the tri-state area will to have wait a while before casting their ballots. the primaries in both pennsylvania, and delaware aren't until tuesday april 26th. and new jersey voters go to the polls even later than that, not until june 7th. the labor department's latest jobs report shows another solid month of hiring in february. u.s. employers added 242,000 jobs. retailers, restaurants, health care providers, and construction companies drove most of the job growth. unemployment raid stayed the same at 4.9 percent. pennsylvania's unemployment rate is even lower it dropped a tenth of a percent to 4.6 percent and that is its lowest level in eight and a half years. in flint, michigan, crew is today started the long process of digging up old lead pipes that caused the cities water crisis. work is focusing on pipes that
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connect water mains, to individual homes. a report from the state auditor general found state environmental regulators made crucial mistakes a year and a half ago by not ordering the city to treat its water with anti corrosion chemicals. flint switched from lake what the tore more corrosive river water in 2014, and in a bid to save money but that river water scraped lead off of the aging pipes. on health check tonight, instead of causing allergies early exposure to peanuts may actually have a long term protective effect for children. researchers track children who had other high risk factors important fee nut allergies such as eczema, allergy to eggs. after five years of ex-spouse our to peanut this were put on a high ate to us see if their tolerance held off. a year later they developed allergies. that other children their age that had never been exposed to
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peanuts before. another study published today suggested that the same early prevention strategy could work with eggs. childhood allergies are always a very difficult situation,. >> yes, makes sense. >> it does. >> accu weather forecast. >> funny, friday night and usually you're counting down to the weekend, excited about the weekend. i want to get through the weekend to get to next week. that is when weather will be really nice. >> wait until you hear what next week has to offer. >> tuesday, wednesday, thursday we should all get time off, it will be beautiful. storm tracker six live double scan showing we have had dry conditions out there right new. it will be a decent weekend. we've little bit of the hurt toll get through but we have a live picture right the now from shawnee which was pretty happen bye getting a little bit of snow this morning. if you want to go skiing, you may want to get tonight this weekend because i don't know how much snow will be left, on the local slopes, by next weekend, after the warmth on the way next week. right now though is there a
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chill in the air. 36 degrees in philadelphia, allentown and trenton, 32. atlantic city airport 30. wilmington 33. wildwood currently at 36 degrees. satellite six along with action radar is showing a deepening, intensifying storm system is continuing to pull away us from. most areas just a little bit of snow. philadelphia less than a inch but parts of the cape may county more than 6 inches of snow accumulating on the the grass this morning and now this next system is waiting in the wicks wings. it will be moving quickly. that will be press nothing on sunday morning. so tonight, really nothing to worry about. mainly clear skies. little bit on the chilly side. 22 degrees in the cooler suburbs. 23 degrees in center city. your sat the day we will start off with sunshine but cloud roll in the afternoon. temperatures will be seasonably cool, 1:00 o'clock 42. by 4:00, 44. by 7:00 o'clock 39 degrees. future tracker is showing sunday morning we will get rain and snow showers, around
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the philadelphia area northwest, little bit a above, and that is when we will get mixing. the it moves out, breaks of the sunshine by the afternoon but also a few sprinkles. a little bit unsettled, temperatures in the upper 40's and then a if you want it warmer, just you wait. we have march 7 on's, ted, wednesday, and thursday, high pressure off the eastern seaboard, this is a typical heat pump this would be a heat wave in the summer. looking like record warmth on the way on wednesday. the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast for tomorrow. start off with sunshine, increasing cloud. high of 45 degrees. on sunday morning rain and snow showers. good amount of cloud cover. peaks of sunshine with a high of 48 degrees. monday, beautiful, partly sunny, 60 degrees. the tuesday though is when we get the first day of 07-degree wet they are year. seventys, mostly sunny. wednesday's 73, record high. setback in 2,000. we will probably break. that even thursday more
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included and a possibility of a shower. a high of 70. friday a chance of some showers, not as warm but still on the mild side with a high of 62, and next saturday we will spring ahead and begin daylight savings time. >> yes. >> tuesday end up at 69, it will be devastating. >> perfectible yes. >> then come to work. >> we want to wish happy birthday tonight to a very special birthday girl in south jersey. >> happy birthday. >> how are you? lucy worth turned 100 today. "action news" was there this evening as she celebrated with friends, family in mantua township, new jersey. she's one of eight siblings, she had three children of her own and plenty of grandchildren. she tells us the secret to a long life is working hard and having fun when you can. your daughter wants to stay organic.
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plus tv & phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. 100 meg speeds at a price this good? fios can do that. cable just can't. switch to better. switch to fios tonight at the wells fargo certainty. that is not a good thing. >> no, jim, no nerlens noel, no jahlil okafor. what do you suppose happen. >> sixers and heat will get to know each other well, tonight the they began a front end of the home and home. joe he will embiid working out before the game, he spent the time in qatar for a rehab, where do sixers turn tonight, how about elton brand who makes his debut, on his week side of 37th birthday. second quarter, ish smith, 26
11:28 pm
points. sixers go down by ten. and then, third quarter, imagine come back. jeremy grant. sixers take the lead 71-69. but the heat have the dwayne wade, 21 points for him. sixers lose for 11th straight time, 112-102. same two teams sunday in miami. to the eagles with sam bradford locked up eagles still have holes to fill. nfl draft is eight weeks away but doug pederson and roseman can begin signing free agents on wednesday. offensive line and receiver are priorities. bird need to save money for fletcher cox, defensive lineman would like a new deal. >> a lot of our to do list checked off, there is still more. i think we talked about fletch, that is still onto do list. we are not forgetting about that or him. and we will see how it goes on the market. we just want to be sure we're making good decisions as we go forward here. it is hard to know that until we get started.
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>> phillies bats are alive at spring training. they hope that, they hope it the stays that way come regular season. phillies and braves, fanatic, yes. never turn your back. miguel franco goes deep in the second straight day. three run moon shout in the second inning. phillies scored seven runs in the frame. phillies down, 11-nine in the ninth. cedric hunter, a three run home run to win the game. phillies take it 12-11. they have 13 hits . still ahead drexel and delaware in conference tournament action and steve mason forgotten man. we will hear from the goal hoy has been riding the flyers bench lately.
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tonight, anxiety surrounding the team is still working, they are set to host columbus tomorrow, flyers are five
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points out of the wild card spot. steve mason is trying to stay sharp, goalie has not played in two weeks, longest stretch of his career and dave hakstol has been going with michael neuvirth. hakstol has not said who will start tomorrow, mason is trying to stay positive. >> i'm just trying to keep a positive mind set, work hard and by your time. that is all you can do is be a good teammate along the way and try to find ways light practice schedule, you know, just to stay sharp. >> saying right things. >> college basketball penn lose toes dartmouth 72-64. drexel and elan in the first round of the tournament, ferrell allen scores 11 points but none bigger than these two. that gives dragons the lead with 11 seconds to play. drexel wins 67-66. delaware and charlton, delaware down two, corry holden, blocked. delaware loses, 67-63. that is sports.
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>> thanks, ducis. finally tonight they were ducking and dodging a all in the name of charity tonight. it was a lively not at perkiomen valley school district put on sixth annual dodge ball tournament, hundreds of youngsters and adults geared up for all of the fun, the community event raised money to enhance educational opportunities for perk yoel even valley students, through grants and scholarships, and teachers. jimmy kimmel live next on channel six followed by night line. "action news" continues at 5:30. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. have a good night, and a great weekend. >> ♪
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what did you think of j-law's dress? which white people did you go after, bro? >> chris, over here, talk to us! >> jimmy, jimmy kimmel, what are you doing out here? >> jimmy: my mom got me this camera, i figured i'd get a few shots. >> don't you have the "after the oscars" special tonight? >> jimmy: yeah, but -- did you get a gift basket? can i get some of that nourishing lotion? yo, chris. did leta rock it tonight? chris, who are you wearing? chris! i didn't find out who you're wearing! i need to know who you're wearing!


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